I am passionate about what I write.
I help engineers and developers understand innovation.
I help bridge what is technical and what is human, to make
incredibly amazing stories and often complicated subjects
digestible by sophisticated readers and the common person. 


Who am I?

My parents say I was inquisitive from a small child. I had to discover the function of every knob, switch and button I came across. It didn't always go well.

My first technical story was about a small boy's internal anatomy from the viewpoint of an entity travelling around inside his body. I was in first grade.

My first drawing was of a space ship.

Jacques Cousteau was my childhood hero.

I am motivated by a 67-year old German friend, who grew up in the aftermath of World War II Germany, whose response to 'We don't have that' was 'Let's make one.'

Curiosity about technology and how it can benefit humans is part of my DNA. I began my technical author/writing career in a leading technology company in the 1970s. I expanded that experience and honed my skills through years of writing about hot products, innovative technologies and the companies that create them. I help communicate what smart people have done into how it benefits overall society and their customers—whether those customers are everyday consumers, engineers of next-generation components and systems, software developers or executive leadership.

red-hat-nc_smallMy education in technology, my work in writing and communication and my experiences as a business and agency owner allow me to grasp the technology deeper and go beyond the words to understand the purpose of the message. I understand both the how and the why of what needs to be said.

No client is too small or too big. I've helped the smallest service startups (including a carpet cleaning business) and technology innovators to multi-national, world-leading corporations. I create marketing and sales content for print, web, video and film, and in-person or online presentation. I've written about a myriad of ground-breaking technologies, often as part of a public launch. What people are doing is fascinating, and what you are doing deserves to heard and seen.

I'm ready to do something really cool with the amazing ideas you've come up with.

Flip me a call at 775.690.6575 or email me at ken@catlowcommunications.com.

Let's get something really exciting done today.


Ken has the rare ability to wade through piles of technospeak-features-bullet-lists and find motivating benefits with a clear call to action. His talent combines science, storytelling and sales.

Tim Heitzman

Creative Director, Heitzman Creative
Our team and clients trust Ken to deliver their message, on time and on budget. He finds a way to frame their message with impact to clearly communicate with their audience. We have found his patience to be a key asset - always professional, personable, and very accommodating. He is a gem to work with.

Noma Hanlon

HB Design
I put the bar pretty high when I choose professional support. I insist on expertise, reliability and integrity. Ken has these in abundance. He has never disappointed me. He goes out of his way to provide exceptional service.

Jim Ryan

Intel Manager, Retired
Ken has a unique blend of technical writing skills and passion in his work. He's genuinely excited about the technology he writes about, which comes through in his copy. Additionally, he's one of the most pleasant writers I've ever worked with, and he always delivers on time, even when deadlines are exceedingly tight.

Liana Safian

HB Design
Ken has proven to be a great, responsive resource for editorial articles that help communicate technical features in a way that resonate with a broader audience, and for customer stories that clearly communicate the amazing science they are accomplishing.

Rick Johnson

RJMJ Marketing
Ken’s work in helping establish the Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation, including messaging and public relations was instrumental to enabling the organization’s mission to help kids discover who they are and their potential.

Cindy Surendorf

Executive Director, Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation
As a new, small business owner, Ken’s work helped me start and maintain my business presence, enabling me to grow my business to be the number one favored service in my area.

Norbert Yao

Owner, Magnificent Carpet Care
Ken is a self-starter, good communicator, reliable, and easy to work with.
Deborah Arden, HB Design

Ken is one of the nicest guys around. He’s calm, cool and collected no matter what the circumstance. You can always rely on him to come through.
Jason Madore, HB Design

Deb Arden, Jason Madore

HB Design


Now you know more about me than I do about you. Flip me a call (775.690.6575) or send me an email. Let's get something really exciting done today.

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