Technology is about people.

 The better we understand it, the more we realize the value it possesses.



Technology excites me. I write across a wide range of technologies, from legacy to transformational. I've developed collateral on processor silicon, contributed articles on high-performance computing (HPC) systems and components, and written numerous end products about networking hardware and software, software methodologies, and even end-user instructional documents. I've created content for web sites—from the simplest to highly complex—and provided sales and instructional media and presentations for a wide range of audiences. Chances are, whatever you are working on I can help you gain the awareness you deserve and want for marketing, client education and promotion, and editorial exposure.


Whether you're persuading a customer, training sales staff, or motivating employees, I can help you craft the delivery of your critical messages.


Your products, breakthroughs, and ideas should be out there. I help businesses launch their products and share their ideas with customers.


Out of sight; out of mind. What you are doing is worth telling. What people are doing with your products should be heard. I help keep amazing stories and experiences in the public eye and the human mind.


When you don't have the time, but need someone who can understand the subject matter, a ghost writer will help relieve much of the burden of publication.


Whether you're developing a training class or marketing tool, delivering it as an interactive program makes the process of learning and communicating efficient and effective.


Are you just getting started? I help small business build their market presence with effective yet uncomplicated communications and collateral that fit their budget.


Let me know what you're working on, and I can send you a few examples of work in the same area.

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